Best Coffee in Vienna

Before reading this blogpost:

Hey friendos,
I need to mention that I’m not a coffee expert, no. I’m just a girl standing in front of .. well my coffee and enjoying it pretty much. So I thought why not share what I know & love.

Additional info: when I order a coffee it’s usually a “Verlängerter” – an americano (with milk). For espresso, cappuccino lovers etc. : I think they will still taste heavenly.

Welcome to my coffee world:

Cafebrennerei Franze

Schulgasse 25, 1180 Wien

MON       Closed
TUE-FR   8am–6pm
SAT         8am–3pm
SUN        9am–4pm

This one is probably my most favorite Café AND coffee – hard to top that. The atmosphere is incredibly warm and *hugging*. Their coffee is eeeexcellent and their staff couldn’t be nicer.

– Wi-Fi
– Work/study friendly
– Serving Breakfast + Lunch + Pastries
– Widest selection of tea + coffee
– Choice of outdoor + indoor


Wolfgang Coffee

Zieglergasse 38, 1070 Wien

MON-FR   8am–7pm
SAT           11am–6pm
SUN           Closed

This one is a coffee corner in a shop with ohmygodwhatisthis-coffee!
They’re also selling Süssmund coffee besides their delicious Wolfgang coffee.


The Pelican Coffee Company

Pelikangasse 4, 1090 Wien

MO-FR   7:30am–6pm
SAT        10am–5pm
SUN Closed

– Süssmund coffee
– Friendly staff
– Cozy atmosphere
– Work/study friendly (Wi-Fi)
– pastries


Jonas Reindl

1) Währinger Str. 2-4, 1090 Wien

MON-Fr  7:30am–9pm
SAT          9:30am–9pm
SUN         10:30am–6pm

2) Westbahnstraße 13, 1070 Wien

MON-FRI   7:30am – 8pm
SAT             9:30am – 8pm
SUN            10:30am – 6pm

This place doesn’t only offer great coffee, but it’s also a magnet for working/ studying people. You can spend hours there on your laptop, accompanied with exceptional coffee. The location (the one in the 9th district) is pretty perfect for students (close to Uni Wien). It’s usually hard to find a free table, so I wouldn’t recommend this place for a coffee date really.

– Wi-Fi
– Work/study friendly
– pastries
– Choice of outdoor + indoor


Caffè a Casa

1) Servitengasse 4A, 1090 Vienna

MO-FR  7:30am-6:30pm
SA+SU   8:30am-6:30pm

2) Hoher Markt 8-9, 1010 Vienna

MO-FR   7:30am- 6:30pm
SA           9am     – 6pm
SUN        10am   – 6pm

3) Wipplingerstraße 32, 1010 Vienna

MO-FR 7:30am- 5:30pm
SA 9am-5pm
SUN closed

– No Wi-Fi at 2 of their locations – only Wi-Fi at Wipplingerstraße
– not ideal for work/study
– BEST BEST BEST hazelnut biscuits



Siebensterngasse 29, 1070 Wien

MO-FR  7:30am–7pm
SA+SU   9am–7pm

High up on my coffee list is this gem. The first time I had Hornig coffee was at creative mornings. And I‘ll never forget my reaction when I had my first sip of this golden liquid.

– Wi-fi
– Work/study friendly
–  Pastries
– Choice of outdoor + indoor


GOTA Coffee

Mariahilfer Str. 192, 1150 Wien

Mo-Fr    7am–6pm
Sa+Su     8am–4pm

The only downside of this cafe is its location. Too far away from oz. When I’m in the area though, I’m always very happy to be close to such good coffee.

– Wi-fi
– Work/study friendly
– Choice of outdoor + indoor



Praterstraße 38, 1020 Wien

Mo-Fri  7:30am–7pm
SAT       9am –5pm
SUN      Closed

A little gem of the second district.

– Wi-fi
– Work/study friendly
– crowded
– Pastries


Hotel am Brillantengrund

Bandgasse 4, 1070 Wien

MO-SU 11am – 10pm

This one really surprised me! I discovered their coffee this summer and it was SO good!
It’s a hotel / restaurant.
Love love love sitting outside when it‘ s warm. It definitely always feels like vacation there.
I mean, LOOK!!!

– Wi-fi
– Filipino food (lunch, dinner, or just coffee 🙂 )
– Choice of outdoor + indoor

how do I end this..

coffee, coffee, thanks for making us feel alive or sth.

oki, bye.